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Industrial Puffed Pop corn Rice Snacks Cereal Oven Machine

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name LOYAL
Certification CE, ISO
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price $6,500.00 - $30,000.00 / Sets
Packaging Details WOODEN CASE FOR Rice cake popping machine peanut Brittle Sesame candy cereal bar forming cutting mac
Payment Terms L/C,D/P
Supply Ability 1000 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

Industrial Puffed Pop corn Rice Snacks Cereal Oven Machine 

Product Description:   

 Core Flling Snack/ Puffed Leisure Food production line can do the works of raw materials preparation, extrusion, core filling, shaping, cutting, coating and flavoring at a time, which is high automation degree. This production line has the advantages of more machines choice, flexible and diverse configurations, wide range of raw materials application, numerous in products variety and easy operation. It can make the puffed food, such as core filling snack food, filling biscuit, nutrition breakfast, corn flakes etc. After being puffed, the products are crispy, easy to digest and unique taste. They are the perfect leisure food for consumers.


Production Line

Mixer--Screw conveyor--Twin-screw extruder--Core filler--Multi-function shaper--Hoister--Dryer--Flavoring line


Machine Function

Machine Name Function
Mixer Mix the raw material
Screw conveyor Conveying the material into the extruder
Core filler Fill the food with syrup
Muti-function shaper Cut into uniform shapes
Twin-screw extruder Extruded the material,make the material into a fixed shape
Core filler Core filling
Dryer Removing the surface water,drying the product
Flavoring line Rolling and seasoning


Processing line features

(1)High work efficiency, automation degree, materials usage, application range.

(2)Low land occupation, power consumption, labor cost, waste rate.

(3)Various configurations and capacity choices.

(4)This line can not only make filled puffed snacks, but also make most puffed snacks by direct cutting.

(5)Production factors can be quantified and controlled.

(6)World-class food grade fittings.

(7)All machines and fittings can be custom-made. ODM or OEM is available.

Professional pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.





replace Seal of Pop rice machine Parameter list

No.DdCBWeightLarghezzaDiametro esterno
2216-K140 mm80 mm65 kN33 mm2,1 Kg - -
24064 K30CW33+AH24060480 mm320 mm2480 kN160 mm102 Kg - -
BS213883 - - - - 10.746 - -
M268749DW-9011123.25 Inch | 590.55 Millimeter16.375 Inch | 415.925 Millimeter - - 194.393 - -
6208-C23.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter - - 0.367 - -
BGSB623ZZ-30 - - - - - - -
2209-TVH85 mm45 mm - 23 mm - 2385
5216DD140 mm80 mm47,62 mm47,62 mm - 47,62140
6180326 mm17 mm5 mm5 mm - 526
MH68115.875 mm - 12.700 mm - - 12.70015.875
6901L11ZZ224 mm12 mm6 mm6 mm - 624


replace Seal of Pop rice machine Parameter list

No.DCdMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryWeightEAN
TAM 552567 mm51,2 kN55N/A0.00,165 Kg -
RNA 4907UU58 mm31,6 kN45 - - 0,112 Kg -
NU3332340 mm1270 kN160 mm - - 61,5 Kg -
PE3580 - 35 mmN/A0.0 - 4012802802030
QAAPR13A065SB4.3 Inch | 109.22 Millimeter - 2.559 Inch | 65 MillimeterN/A0.07.7180883450029704
UCFLE210N - - - N/A0.02.13413529535170
M236848-20024/M236810-20024 - - - N/A0.00 -
6332M - - - N/A0.0 - 0013992162144
19231300L - - - N/A0.00 -
6902L11DD1 - - - - - - -
32307A80 mm25 mm - - - - -
K15X18X16F - - - - - - -
6408110 mm27 mm40 mm - - - -



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Pop rice machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Crunchy Corn Rice Wheat Pop Chips Making Machine 1 Set US$1998US$5469
Airflow pop gun maize snack machine / puffed rice machine/puffed corn machine 1 Set US$1218US$6157
Professional Rice Cake Making Machine/Gas Non Stick Red Bean Cake Maker/Taiwan popped rice cake machine 1 Set US$1560US$6255
Crispy Magic Pop Rice Cake Making Machine with Low Calorie 1 Set US$1968US$7476
Rice extruder machines artifical rice production extruder pop rice machine 1 Set US$1553US$5168
Popped rice bar forming machine / processing Line with rectangular shape 1 Set US$1734US$5219
Mini Small Automatic Food Pop Rice Puffed Corn Stick Processing Puffs Flakes Snacks Making Extruder Machine 1 Set US$1227US$6508



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